Velox Avenger





This is a reworking of the Avenger, which was the K1 derivative of the Ascent K2.

The cockpit has been moved back to get it to glide better, and the front has been trimmed down to make it quicker through the water – in much the the same way that the Velox Ascent was upgraded.

It is similar in speed to the Manta Maxi but a lot more stable, and it turns beautifully. It is brilliant for the bigger paddler as there is plenty of foot room and cockpit space. It is well suited to beginners where stability breeds confidence on rivers, but at the same time it is good option for intermediate paddlers keen to test themselves in bigger rivers like the Umko, the Bushman’s or the Lowveld Croc.

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Velox Avenger

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 520 × 50 × 33 cm

River, River Max, River Max+, River Race, River Elite, Flatwater, Flatwater Race